Where do you eat your Ombar? - results - Top 10 entries and the winner!

We had a great response to our ‘Where do you eat your Ombar?’ competition, with entries from all over England and Europe, all looking to win this huge, Ombar-filled surprise hamper, bursting with chocolate goodies.

Ombar Hamper

It seems you eat your Ombars all over the place, out in nature and inside, in your beds, at your kitchen tables and with your loved ones, including husbands, pets and toddlers. And who could blame those of you who say you wouldn’t share!

We've chosen our top ten entries selected from the complete entries with the most votes...

This young lady obviously loves her Coco Mylk Ombar Buttons on the move, in her stylish pink ride!

Q: Where do you eat your Ombar? A: Everywhere! (When you have this many Ombars, you can pretty much eat them wherever you want!) An Ombar for every occasion!

“Spending a quiet afternoon in a tree with my Ombar” – what a peaceful way to eat your Ombar, in natural surroundings! After all, Ombar ingredients are all natural, so it seems only fitting.

“Night feeding with Etienne!” - Needing to eat dairy-free means Ombar is a great choice for night snacks for this mother. Also, clever positioning of the bar and the shirt, so it says: “I love … Ombar Centres”. Adorable!

A garden is definitely a great place to enjoy your Ombar Coco Mylk Buttons, just don’t leave them out overnight or the squirrels and hedgehogs will fight over them!

It’s a dog’s life … even though this dog looks like it is covered in Ombar chocolate buttons, it’s actually a Dalmation! ;) Ombar Goji Berry is the chocolate taste sensation of today for this dog’s lucky owner!


Bed is where we think a lot of secret chocolate eating occurs, and this entry falls into the bed category.

We had a wonderful canine entry so it is time for our feline entry... This lady eats her Ombar snuggled up on the couch with her human and her cat, but says she doesn’t share!!!

We so want to try this amazing looking cookie dough chocolate chip banana bread made by the lady that sent in this entry… looks fantastic! Feel free to share your best Ombar recipes with us!

Strawberry Mylk Ombar and Earl Grey tea in a proper cup and saucer. Decadence to hand, for when the toddler takes a nap. A well-deserved treat!

So having seen all the entries, it is time to announce the winner:

WELL DONE to Katie Griffiths, @katiesdaily on Instagram, who has won our big hamper of joy!

Keep an eye out for future competitions! Thanks for all your wonderful entries!